“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

-Ken Blanchard


Years ago I had a VP of HR who used to tell the staff, “Feedback is a gift.” I honestly was taken aback the first time she said that and I seriously wondered what she had had for breakfast that morning. In my creative world a gift is a beautiful white package wrapped up with a gorgeous bow in greens, corals, yellow, blues and pinks.  Gifts make you happy. My pretty package always included positive feedback that made me happy and motivated me to work even harder but constructive feedback wasn’t generally part of the happy “gift.”

Being a sensitive soul, I’m pretty sure people sometimes in the past had to do the “tender dance” to give me direction when needed. I have been fortunate to have received super incredible feedback and direction that I took to heart and practiced that I know made my professional and personal life better.  Other times, either because the feedback was negative or presented in a “non-tender dance” way, I recoiled and rejected the feedback for a while. But the feedback didn’t leave me, I thought twice about the suggestions and determined a way to apply the feedback.

We are opening a new month and have a super opportunity to seek improvements through feedback.

Just for Today, give yourself a gift by asking yourself:

  •  How do I respond when I receive feedback?
  • What are three opportunities I have this week to request feedback from a family member, trusted colleague or co-worker and mentor/coach?
  • What is my process for applying the feedback and creating my PCP (Personal Championship Plan)?





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