I love watching the Tour de France. The inter-team coordination of echelons swiping pulls and filtering back into the slipstream is a crucial yet fascinating technique. The intra-team effort to support the best team cyclist to win the event is truly teamwork and sacrifice. For non-cyclists, one might think cycling is a single winner sport with one yellow jersey on the podium, but professional cycling definitely relies on committed team effort.

The team member award for me this year goes to Richie Porte. Porte bared his teeth to keep Chris Froome in the lead, not once, but in multiple Tour stages, to eventually win this year’s yellow jersey.

Employee engagement measures include some element of a best friend at work.  Ideally you have someone you can count on, who has your back, understands, listens, gives sound advice, and hopefully someone who will take time to help you when you hit your performance wall.

Do you have a best friend at work?

Just for Today, ask yourself:

Who is my Richie Porte at work ?

 Who am I a Richie Porte for in my work environment?

How can I show appreciation to my Richie Porte?


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