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Target areas include:

  • Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Early and Mid -Level Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Outplacement Services
  • Short Term Project Work

Niche corporate audiences: Small to medium size healthcare, nonprofit and manufacturing companies.



  • Going from the Gut…creates indigestion
  • Move into the Fast Lane of Change
  • How to Engage when the “In” Gauge is Low
  • Coaching for Critical Thinking
  • Building Organizational Savvy –developing sustaining positive business relationships with integrity, influence and trust
  • Communicating Your Way to Trust
  • Search with Success! Must-Have Tools for Your Next Career Move!
  • Mentor, Coach or Boss- Which Hat to Wear When?
  • Building Bridges – Using Compassion to Cross the Conflict Chasm
  • CareTime for the HCP – creating connections for work, health and self

Evergreen Leadership Management Series – team emotional intelligence, accountability, communication, delegation, time management, project management, conflict management and change management

Perfect for –

Full-or Half Day Workshops ♦ Leadership Retreats ♦ Lunch and Learns



  • Color-Coding Chaos in a World That’s Shades of Gray
  • Create Your Personal Change Management Checklist
  • In Living Color – Define, Design, and Deliver Your Personal Lifestyle
  • Color Coding Chaos in a World That’s Shades of Gray
  • Going the Distance – Bouncing down Life’s path with Buoyancy and Hope
  • Put some PEP in Your Life – expecting the best while preparing for the worst
  • Networking – Moving from Making Contact to Creating Connections

Perfect for –

Women’s Groups ♦ Association Meetings ♦ Retreats


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