It’s mid-July and mid-year. Many individuals take pause this time of year to evaluate their goals and check their progress. You may have your own tool for assessing your progress, but I personally like the dashboard measures of:

ed not started
Yellow – started but slow (a.k.a. behind)
Green– on target
Aqua- exceeding expectations!
Things occur and you may be hanging out in the Red Zone. It happens. As in City Slickers, life’s a do-over. Start over this month with the following best practices and tips to stay on target with goals:
1) Write down your goals
2) Assign measurable resultsbulls eye target
3) Create action steps for managing potential obstacles
4) Design affirmations to stay focused
5) Create your celebrations for success!
Affirmations are super ways to internalize, create patterns of positive thinking and ultimately impact your actions and results. Affirmations can be visual, auditory or tactile. Think sticky notes in strategic places, audio reps while cycling and tasks you do on a daily basis like typing your password. 
Finally, give yourself a break. If you are like most people, you may write down too many goals for the year. Or perhaps you didn’t prepare well at the beginning of the year. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. And start all over again.
Lisa Boesen, MAOM, is a Certified Masted Coach and HR Professional. She enjoys working clients who want to work through barriers, improve resilience and approach opportunities with renewed energy and curiosity. To request more information or a free consultation, click here. 

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