In my last blog about creating our mini-meadow, I noted that one of the pleasant effects of planting the meadow was the number of neighbors, and strangers, who were taking pause and pleasure in enjoying and just experiencing the flowers.

Recently, The Huffington Post reported a study in the journal Psychological Science that showed feelings of awe seem to slow down time and boost feelings of life satisfaction. Although our meadow was and is not expansive stretching for miles and miles of jaw – dropping beauty, there was something in the flowers that raised eyebrows, opened the eyes a little wider in curiosity, elicited a deep slow exhale, a smile, and a reason to stop, pause, wonder, investigate, or perhaps just slow down.

Sometimes I think we forget about the power of gazing at something greater than us.

Creating a full, meaningful, happy life includes experiencing daily awe. Just for today, ask yourself:

What or when in my life have I experienced awe?

How do I create intent to take time to reflect back on that awe?

How can I create new opportunities to find awe in my daily life?

How will I take time 5 minutes today to experience awe?

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