Sharing Your Heart with the World

Almost every Saturday morning, weather permitting, my husband and I grab our coffee and head out to local garage sales.  We love the hunt for treasures and the anticipation of never knowing exactly what we will find.  We are a symbiotic team of form and function. For myself, it’s all about the “pretty” and the “message”, and for my husband, the treasure has to serve a purpose. Last Saturday, I found both in an unsigned work of art for the amazing low price of $2.

The genderless form tossing his/her heart to the world spoke to me. I suppose one could interpret the action as throwing the heart away – perhaps in despair or grief.  In my opinion, though, the joyful, peaceful colors don’t’ quite match a negative or depressive emotion.  Perhaps the heart is soulfully following the ageless tosser? Or maybe the heart is gently following our tosser as a kite on a puff of wind. I’d like to think the form is tossing the heart to the world – wholeheartedly sharing of the self, a symbol of trusting the universe, and of being OK with the vulnerability of humanity.

Compassion, in its purest form, is sharing your heart with the world through the expression of care for an individual, a cause, or in the case of earthquakes and tsunamis, a country. Do you feel safe sharing your heart with the world? Does your heart follow you on gentle puffs of empathy and acts of kindness?

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