Several years ago I blogged about Building Your Personal Community as a tool for networking. We think about the power of networking as we reach different “need points” in our lives, such as when we are searching for a job, needing encouragement or just looking for a reputable plumber. The facets of our community may look like this:

five elements

As I have continued to think about these five elements, I have found I need to remember to include my own internal being, the “true me”, as part of my personal community. I have many external sources I can count on to contribute and share in, for example, my Social Circle that includes personal friends, women’s associations, professional organizations, ballroom dancing with my husband and book clubs. But persistence and perseverance to achieve goals truly relies on personal initiative not always driven by someone else or something external. Yes, most of us need encouragement and support from others. But it is also important to treat the self as you would others – to encourage, support and reward yourself as you set your goals and achieve them. I have found it is also important to be compassionate to yourself and give yourself a break.

  • How much do you talk to yourself or self-sooth just as you would to someone else who is in pain, suffering, or hitting some bumps in the road of Life?
  • Do you forgive yourself when you take the wrong fork in the road?
  • Do you praise yourself when you choose well?

A gentle reminder to us all, to be kind, compassionate and encouraging to the self and remember the “you” in your Personal Community.

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