Holiday season can be exciting, joyful and a little crazy. I find myself wanting to do more and more and some point I have to realize that there are only limited resources – including me and time!

Years ago, American General supported a management model training system called Model-Netics and required managers to use these management models in day to day operations. My husband has them memorized and can regurgitate them at a moment’s notice, including when a model may apply to home or personal management.

This time of year, I particularly find the Priority Triangle particularly helpful. I am giving Model-netics credit for this triangle model concept. Basically, you can prioritize your work or tasks by Must, Should and Nice. We all have things we must do, need to do, would love to do, nice to do or should do. The tasks to focus on are the “musts.”

For your holiday season, or really any day of the year, focus on your “must” tasks – those tasks that if not done create risk or if done, reap great rewards. Keep your “shoulds”, “need to’s” and “would love to” on your goal or dream list to be re-evaluated and converted into positive, forward-focused action steps to achieve your goals.

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