Domestic Administrator Portfolio Home Management Binder – Hard Copy


Need a tool to document your important financial, medical and personal information? Purchase this home management binder  and get started today with this 54 page Domestic Administrator Portfolio!


Regardless of whether you are single or married, each of us has domestic administration duties.  Large households or small, we have cars, an apartment lease or mortgage payment, some type of savings, pets, magazine subscriptions, maybe a storage unit, preferred landscapers, student loans, healthcare benefits, pet(s) and various other dimensions of home administration and personal obligations that we manage and must pass on to someone else or ask help with if we are ill. After experiencing caregiving with my parents and then estate: management after they passed away, I created this home management binder as a tool for my husband and I to log our domestic administration duties should anything happen to either one of us – or both of us. I believe in hoping for the best but preparing for the worst and I did not want either of us or our children to be worrying about how to find things should one or both us become incapacitated.

The process of completing the entries reminded both of us of how important it is to communicate and share finances and health matters in a marriage, or even as a SDA (Single Domestic Administrator),  documenting what you have above and beyond a will. Financial planners may help you do this in some manner, but if you have not started the process, begin your process now with this Domestic Administration Portfolio.

The template in this portfolio was designed from the experience and opinion of the author. The author of this document takes no responsibility for the security of the user’s information.

It is the user’s decision and responsibility regarding how much information is shared, particularly personal security information, where this information is stored, and how much you share with your designee(s). The template is a guideline only and the user is ultimately responsible for the security of the portfolio home management binder.

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