Getting noticed by your boss can be a problem, especially if your personality style preference is introverted. Some people feel it is a boss’s responsibilityfour ways notice boss image
to take notice, and yes, to some degree, it is. In addition, some individuals may feel that “tooting your own horn” is self-serving and for lack of a better word, non-virtuous or evil.
Confidence level plays a role as well in sharing accomplishments. Work environments that push “there is no “I” in team” also may prevent employees from feeling comfortable with sharing accomplishments. Therefore, it is important for employees to figure out the best method based on these factors to get noticed.

Four Tips to Get Noticed by Your Boss

  1. Create your own platform – in your 1:1s with your manager, go in with your “agenda” on paper. Take your own notes. Work with your manager using a specific template that includes your projects, status updates, and use color-coded dashboard measures. Collaborate with your boss to meet his/her goals. Share with your manager opportunities for the company or work environment that you have noticed. Listen carefully for opportunities from your manager. An open mind lets the opportunities in.
  2. Be the problem solver – Offer solutions. Depending on your boss, you may be able to jump in and start brainstorming, you may energetically be able to say “I have some thoughts on how to …” or you may want to read your boss to determine how to best communicate and share solutions. Some bosses may prefer a more measured approach and prefer a structured time to hear solutions. Go with what you know about your boss. Remember, he/she may try to do that with you.
  3. Take the hard job – There is a lot of “stuff” out there about using your strengths but taking a hard job will stretch your skillsets. If you remotely think you can do the hard job or task, you can envision yourself doing the hard job, and feel comfortable you can reach out to resources, offer to take the hard job. Tell your boss at a high level how you will do it, how it will help the organization or team for you to do and how it will help you as well.
  4. Ask for feedback Feedback is a gift. Ask for what’s going well and what are opportunities for improvement. Don’t wait for your annual performance appraisal.
Most importantly, have a real relationship with your boss – If you want to get noticed by your boss, shut down the critical voice. Too many times employees believe their boss is dumb or stupid. Once that seed is planted, it is very hard to move forward in a positive manner. Bosses really are human too and let’s face it, they have the leadership role and got their position for some reason. Take time to find out how. Either they have the skills, the influence, or both.  Remember, you can learn something from even the most inept boss.

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