Providing caring service and meeting others’ needs can be extremely rewarding. On the other hand, it can also be stressful and cause physical and emotional fatigue. Balancing giving of oneself but leaving enough for everyone, including yourself, can be challenging and may create a sense of chaos, and potential misery if not managed.

Each of us has varying capacities of empathy and compassion and depending on our personality types and other factors including our motivation to be compassionate. What drives us to demonstrate compassion? Is it our unique, internal values?  The right thing to do? Guilt? Sympathy? The gentle pleasure of assisting others – that warm, internal, compassion feedback response that encourages us to reach out and help others? Our need for compassion satisfaction?

As a compassionate caregiver or service provider/associate, when is the last time you practiced self-compassion? Giving yourself that much needed mental break to empower yourself, fill your own cup back to at least half-full so you can continue to help others and complete your feedback loop? Think about it. We live in a world that requires us to meet specific expectations, quietly prefers that we exceed expectations , values perfection and zero defects.  We are imperfect humans. Ever thought about being a fly on the wall of the universe and consider how difficult it must be for imperfect humans to try to exist in a world that requires perfection?

So for today, let’s have a word with ourselves.  Accept our own humanity and accept others humanity. Realize that all that is seen in our window to the world may not be true. Practice kindness to ourselves and accept the kindness we impart to our very soul.

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