Hello and welcome!

One of my passions is life is helping others develop and demonstrate compassion in the patient care experience. With customer service we lean into our customers. With compassionate care, we reach out to help.

What is compassion? It is the deep awareness of the suffering of another but more importantly is it the desire or wish to reach out and relieve it. Some may see compassion as almost supernatural – rising above necessity, order, the process.  What we do with compassion is give someone a moment of hope.

I believe we can integrate compassion into all aspects of our work – problem solving, decision making, delegating, directing, testing our PDSAs, implementing our Lean or Toyota Production System, coaching for performance, hiring people, and most importantly providing patient-centered care and service.

Are you with me on this? Do you believe we can demonstrate actions of compassion throughout our daily work life – in our 1:1 interactions, with the team and across the organization to directly impact patient care outcomes?

If you are, come join me in the journey.

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