My mother truly loved to go to her outpatient cancer center for her radiation and chemotherapy treatments. She would rave about the “girls at the front desk” and how wonderful the nurses and staff were in the treatment area. Although my mother had Stage IV pancreatic cancer, she never gave up hope a miracle would occur, or at least live as many days as possible to experience every precious moment she had during her last six months to savor a peach, listen to updates from her friends on who’s getting married, having children, graduating from college and, most importantly, visit and play with her grandchildren.

The staff at the treatment center represented hope for her and the other patients and caregivers. Above all the safety, quality, efficiency, equity and timeliness actions and initiatives that I know the center continually implemented to provide  care, the patient-centeredness characteristic and feeling of hope was the key driver and motivator to keep her, and us, fighting the inevitable.  

  • When we think about our medical office, unit or clinic, what is the key characteristic we want to demonstrate?
  • If you could write one word that describes what you represent, what would that be?
  • What would you want it to be for each of your patients?
  • What emotion do you want to evoke?
  • What actions should they remember you for that connects you in their heart(s)?

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