In Sunday’s Houston Chronicle, Brene´Brown discussed the adult addiction to reality tv and its potential tie to bullying behavior in children. In essence, uncivil behaviors such as humiliation, gossiping, name-calling, derisiveness, screaming and exclusion are glamorized in television and thus may be considered generally, acceptable behaviors. She continues her concern regarding the impact of these shows on daily adult interactions and role-modeling of children.

Our culture values perfection and anything imperfect may be seen as weak and vulnerable. Brown states that is this vulnerability and imperfection that drives our longing to be of worth and which eventually leads to bullying. To pursue civility and fight bullying and disruptive behavior, we must reclaim the courage and compassion in our family, schools, organizations and communities and accept and embrace our imperfections as that which connects us to each other. She concludes with a most thoughtful question: Do we have the courage to be the adults that our children need us to be?

Brown is one of many researchers describing a potential pattern of civil decline in our culture. To pull ourselves out of this decline, we must find within ourselves that special connection to each other – find and embrace our own vulnerability and use self-compassion and compassion towards other to bridge our own humanity to others.

Do you have the courage to embrace civil behaviors of awareness, empathy, self-control and respect?

Does your organization embrace these behaviors and create a safe environment to promote, address and discuss?

As a manager, how do you create a environment to encourage awareness, develop empathy and demonstrate self-control and respect within the team?

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