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Creating Compassionate Connections

Creating Compassionate Connections

Blog by Lisa Boesen

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Creating Connections Through Cultural Humility

Many of us have witnessed changes in the last 40 years to improve cultural diversity and sensitivity in the workplace. In many organizations, training is provided to learn about other cultures, obtain a baseline of knowledge and gain a general acceptance of differences. As we move from just accepting our differences to acknowledging and embracing our differences, we build our own cultural competency.

Power of a Compassionate Expression

Compassion comes in many forms of verbal and non-verbal actions and behaviors. In healthcare, we teach scripting as a “best” way to respond, express care and concern, and share information with our patients. We create processes and best practices to manage the technical application of healthcare. Yet observation of compassionate feelings and emotions may also [...]

What’s On Your Checklist?

In the Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande, shares his experience and insight into the application of checklists in the healthcare environment to improve patient safety and efficiency. In addition, there are additional potential outcomes in regards to cost-savings from duplication of efforts, tests, etc. An interesting by-product of the checklist is the significant increase in communication and perception of teamwork within the groups effectively using a checklist. How can we use the checklist to insure we demonstrate compassion at least once during the day?

Treating Organizational Pain with Compassion

Through normal business processes, organizations create pain. Unchecked organizational pain may affect ultimately affect organizational effectiveness, service and outcomes.

First Impressions

Fears, anxieties, social norms, roles and personal values impact our need, comfort and desire to express compassion. In addition, our society highly values logical thinking and analysis. But, there is a place for both.

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