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Creating Compassionate Connections

Creating Compassionate Connections

Blog by Lisa Boesen

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Seconds to Care

Creating Connections requires time. Potentially less than a second for a first impression. Six seconds for a compassionate connection. Our six seconds of caring can dwindle to a second or less.

Attending to the Ordinary

Our service cultures are built upon creating the “WOW!”, the “A-MA- ZING” and the “FIVE STAR” service. Perhaps we can get bogged down a bit with thinking we have to hyper-extend or overextend ourselves to create that “wow” experience when perhaps we can create exponential patient memories by each of us taking the ordinary moment and making them “extra” ordinary. Perhaps being “extra” ordinary is as simple as gently “prettying up” an ordinary interaction or encounter.

Just One Thing

These life experiences were more than just anecdotes or daily goals. This was valuable information about the patient on who they were as a person, their values and their personal motivation. As a team, these bits of information helped us value and respect our patients even more and help them in their journey of the healing process.

Compassionate Discernment and Service Orientation

By demonstrating compassion, we serve others by relieving suffering. We may want to relieve suffering for many reasons – a response to our personal sense of empathy, our righteousness (sense of the right thing to do), and perhaps, because we have a sense that to receive, we give.

Creating Connections Through Cultural Humility

Many of us have witnessed changes in the last 40 years to improve cultural diversity and sensitivity in the workplace. In many organizations, training is provided to learn about other cultures, obtain a baseline of knowledge and gain a general acceptance of differences. As we move from just accepting our differences to acknowledging and embracing our differences, we build our own cultural competency.

Interviewing for Compassion

You can readily teach a service script to a new employee and coach to hard-wire it into daily patient interactions. It can be much harder to teach them the innate internal warmth and satisfaction, the altruism of helping others. We must evaluate not just what is said, but how the words are supported through tone of voice, cadence, facial expressions, compassion “sounds”, body language and touch.

Courageous Compassion

Out of the blue in my Yahoo mailbox I received the following quote:    “Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die.”   GK Chesterton There’s a reason the universe sent me this quote even though I did not subscribe to the sender. It [...]

Compassionate Care within Customer Service

Although we focus on the patient satisfaction, dimensions of care and concern, patients also indicate compassion is important in the healing process. Yet, researchers report only 53% of patients indicate that the healthcare system generally provides compassionate care.

Compassion Triage

Compassion is not a reward. We don’t always see the emotional or physical pain of others. Each of us, in different ways and measures, carry some suffering.

Power of a Compassionate Expression

Compassion comes in many forms of verbal and non-verbal actions and behaviors. In healthcare, we teach scripting as a “best” way to respond, express care and concern, and share information with our patients. We create processes and best practices to manage the technical application of healthcare. Yet observation of compassionate feelings and emotions may also [...]

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