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Whether you are a seasoned professional or a new graduate, navigating the waters of a job search can be challenging at best. Writing your resume and then managing the ebb and flow of the application and interview process requires patience, fortitude and a clear picture of your strengths, skills and expertise against the new job, career change or promotional opportunity you are seeking. Once you are hired,  you must then channel your energies to learn the new job, build relationships, and integrate into the organizational culture to successfully meet and hopefully exceed performance expectations.

Lisa will help you with the many steps in your career management process including:

1) career management assessment

2) job/career search and selection

3) resume readiness

4) application process

5) networking

6) interviewing preparation

7) onboarding in your new position

8) developing career mobility

9) leadership development


The following services are also available:

Resume services

  • Critiquing
  • Writing



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