In the 1997 book, If Aristotle Ran General Motors: the New Soul of Business,  Tom Morris posits that four timeless virtues first identified by Aristotle more than 2,000 years ago provide a clear strategy for achieving excellence. Through Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Unity, organizations can ensure all interactions within an organization and externally with customers, clients, and suppliers are based on dignity and humanity. Fast forward to 2010 and we are continuing to discover the soul of an organization and striving not only identify the very essence of an organization but also identify, recruit, hire and retain souls who will commit personal energy and ideas in cadence with an organization’s own soulful beat.

The fifth tenant of the Corporate Soul Movement pledge is: to be aware and respect other souls. Self-awareness and awareness of others is the framework for creating compassionate connections with others – to respect each soul’s humanity, the gifts, talents, feelings, the dignity of our colleagues, our team, and our customers. In connecting with others and developing our awareness, we begin to use our wisdom, our greater in-depth understanding, empathy and compassion for the human experience to accelerate our connectivity and personal effectiveness.

Thoughts to Build On:

What are your organization’s values?  

Is your business language balanced with utilitarian, business terms and idealism that supports the mission?

When was the last time you used soulful words in a meeting?

What opportunities do you have to espouse Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Unity?

What opportunities do you have to infuse compassion into the soul of your organization?

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