In several of my blogs I have shared my thoughts on building your personal community as well as remembering the “you” in your personal community.  This week I am expanding further on this “personal community” concept from a personal resource management perspective.

Coaching focuses not only on helping you define goals and resetting your compass but also creating awareness of resources you have at your fingertips. Our American culture is built on an individualistic premise, perhaps a false premise to some degree, of “pulling yourself up by your boot straps” or, “buck it up and get over yourself” self-motivation. We delight in, reward and recognize individuals who overcome hardships to succeed. We glorify perseverence.

As I coach individuals, when asked the question, “what resources do you have?” there tends to be a pause and then a first answer of “me.” Then we take a deeper dive through the process of resource identification.

Yes, you are your best resource. Yes, only you can move yourself forward but in reality, we are using tools, ours or others, to get things done. We can motivate remotivate ourselves ad nauseam and not move forward if we don’t have – and use – the resources we are given in whatever form or fashion they are delivered to us.

How well do you identify, categorize and update your personal resource list? How frequently do you review your resources and update?

Let’s get started. Just for today, look at the five circles of your personal community. Write down your resources. They may be people, places, events, experiences or things. Your resources are or will be things that have helped you grow in the past, will help you grow or truly want you to grow.


What are other opportunities for identifying and building your Personal Resource Network?

five elements

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