During my classes on change management, I share the Change Curve. The Change Curve is very similar to Kubler-Ross’s grief curve. The curve describes the phases of change and how we greet and accept change.   Here I am Change

I use the term “greet” because we do have an internal voice that literally listens to and  “greets” change! It could be a “Welcome! Come on in!” or it could be an unfriendly welcome based on our level of anger, avoidance, resistance or procrastination.

Some of our personal change greetings may sound like this:

“I won’t do that”

“I can’t do that”

“I couldn’t do that”

“I might can do that”

“I should do that”

“I could do that ”

“I can do that ”

“I will do that”

“I am doing that!”

Four Change Habits Just for Today:

1) Read each statement above aloud and see which voice resonates closest with you and which voice you tend to use when managing a change.

2) Think about how you “greet” change. Are your vocal arms open and inviting change into your environment?

3) Write down one change you have been told to make this year. Which greeting voice are you using?

4) Write down one change you want to make this year. Which greeting voice are you using first? Do you need adjust or correct your voice?


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