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Creating Compassionate Connections

Creating Compassionate Connections

Blog by Lisa Boesen

Managing the End… to Bridge the Beginning

eBook – $7.99

(PDF, ePub, and Kindle)

Hard Cover – $12.95

Sold by BookLocker

Practical tips and encouragement for caregivers of terminally ill loved ones.

No matter what your knowledge base, caring for a parent with a terminal condition is a solemn, courageous, loving yet chaotic journey. Caring for two parents who are on separate paths to eternity can be doubly painful. Managing the End…Bridging the Beginning is a caregiver’s guide based on the author’s own family experience with caring for her mother during the last year of her life and her father’s rapid decline after a 10 year battle with his own chronic condition.

Weaving a soulful and heartfelt story and offering over 90 practical tips and words of encouragement, Lisa draws not only from her experience caring for both parents but also her professional experience to support the caregiver in experiencing life’s natural journey of the dying process, grieving and rejoining life as what she joyfully calls “a leave-behind.”

Subjects addressed in the book include:

  • Practicing “TCOY”
  • Managing difficult conversations with the loved one
  • Proactively managing work responsibilities
  • Practical tips for managing estate matters
  • Tips for family and friends of caregivers who are supporting the experience.

Through sharing her story, Lisa hopes to bring encouragement to caregivers, guidance for a peaceful end, comfort during grief, and strength for a new beginning.

This book is sold by BookLocker.

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