Out of sight – out of mind. A picture paints a thousand words. Create the future you want to be. We have all heard variations on a theme of keeping your goals front and center through everything from positive affirmations and guided imagery to creating personal vision mind maps of the future. There is science and research behind the power of affirmations and visualizing a positive future, including the impact on developing and sustaining healthy habits. 

Visioning and visualizing and dreaming are not one in the same. Visioning or vision mapping is a fun and highly effective technique to encourage incremental change and achieve goals. Visualizing is a singular process in which you allocate a specific amount of time to focus and visualize a certain state, usually calm or relaxation. Dreaming is passive. You sit back and let things come to you. Visioning and visualizing require much more intent and conscious effort to design your future and actively engage to bring it forth.

Once you have created your vision, there are many ways to activate your positive visioning process. Below are 12 ways to visualize your future.tandem foxes with mantra

Create and use visual reminders of your future on:

  1. PC and phone screensavers
  2. Facebook and Twitter cover pages
  3. DVD frames
  4. Instagram
  5. Dishtowels
  6. Plates
  7. Pillows
  8. Napkins
  9. Drinking glasses
  10. Notepads
  11. Refrigerator magnets
  12. Bonus points! Create a daily vision and music video using Highlight Reel, Animoto or Windows Movie Maker!


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